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Shion Uzuki
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Name: Shion Uzuki
Age: 23 Years Old
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 106 lbs.
Weapon of Choice: MWS (Multiple Weapons System Developed by Miyuki)
Secondary Weapon: Katana (Taught by Grandfather)
Homeland: 2nd Miltia
Room: Luminaire Sanctuary 101H
Room/Suitmates: Aerith Gainsborough (Roommate)

Shion Uzuki

Grade Level: College Freshman
White Magic: Healing 101
Engineering: Engineering 201 (Space Crafts)
Music: Piano 101
Weapons Skills: Swords and Katana
Behavioral Sciences: Realian Biology
General Magic and Abilities: Ether Attacks 101 (Using)

Shion Uzuki

Shion's Mun: animevivi
AIM: AnimeVivi (Both Personal and RP)
Email: finalatlamillia[AT]gmail.com
Notes: This is a character RP journal for the RP ergheiz_etic

Shion Uzuki

Personality: Shion is the sort of person who leaps before she looks. She's strong-willed, and nothing can stop her once she sets her mind to it. However, this often is a recipie for disaster as she always cuts it a bit too close in danger, and jumps into events head-first. Furthermore, Shion often looks on the positive side of things, but often is pulled down by her daunting past. Nevertheless, Shion stll braves her life, but she often avoids mentioning anything about her dark, mysterious past. In these troubles, Shion often shuts herself out to many people and thus often doesn't fully pay attention to a person when they are speaking. As a result, she is a bit spacey, but overall liked by most people she meets.

Shion Uzuki

Background: At the beginning of Xenosaga, Shion had been stationed onboard the Federation Ship Woglinde as part of the Zohar Project. In accordance to the plan, Vector's 1st R&D Division, whose chief is Shion, developed the Anti-Gnosis Battle Android, KOS-MOS, as protection during the recovery of the Zohar Emulator. However, this proved to not be enough for the Federation Fleet was later annihilated by the Gnosis.

Shion and her co-worker, Allen Ridgely, barely managed to escape with KOS-MOS, and was rescued by a ship owned by the Kukai Foundation. As KOS-MOS moved around on her own record demanding to be transported to Second Miltia, Shion decided to stick around with KOS-MOS to determine the cause of this disobedience.

While in hyperspace, Shion helped pick save the 100-Series Prototype, MOMO, and her bodyguard, Ziggy, from pursuit by the U-tic Organization. It was later revealed that MOMO's analysis of her subconsciousness was also destined to be on Second Miltia, so the party traveled together then forward.

As they traveled through hyperspace, the Elsa was dragged out by a giant Gnosis know as Cathedral Ship. This Gnosis is the largest gnosis to date (or at that moment) that had been recorded into the Federation's Database. After being dragged out, they were quickly swallowed into the Gnosis, where the group proceeded to the core of the Gnosis where the Zohar Emulator taken from the Woglinde rested. There, they set to rest Commander Cherenkov, who had turned into a Gnosis due to the fact that he was touched by one.

As the expanding space of the Gnosis collapsed, Shion and the group were rescued by Jr's Durandal, another Kukai Foundation ship, who helped destroy the Gnosis in pursuit of the Elsa. However, this matter was only resolved when KOS-MOS, who mysteriously used weaponery that no one knew of, absorbed the Gnosis into her abdomen.

Later on, as the party continued their journey aboard the Durandal, they were arrested for treason which was falsely accused of with tampered evidence by the U-tic Organization. In order to prevent all of Second Miltia from losing its authority, Shion and the party dived into the KOS-MOS's Subconscious Domain in order to prove their innocence with a recording of the battle against the Gnosis onboard the Woglinde. However, before they were able to get this, the party was forced to relieve the most painful moments of their lives. In addition, they were puzzled by the appearance of a strange girl named Nephilim and Febronia, who was Shion's old nanny and wanted her sisters set free.

After successfully being cleared of all charges, the Song of Nephilim reappeared and brought the Gnosis down into the Foundation. Shion and the others fought galliantly to save the townspeople, but were unable to stop the Gnosis from coming. Luckily, the Dammerung had appeared and helped the party infiltrate the Song of Nephilim, where a hostaged MOMO was being interrogated by Albedo.

As the group fought against Albedo, a blue-cloaked figure stood in their way and allowed Albedo to escape. The group was unable to defeat him, but still tried to destory the Song of Nephilim. Despite their efforts, the Song of Nephilim was merged with an facility known as "Proto Merkabah".

At that location, the group once again struggled agaisnt Albedo to save Second Miltia from certain destruction, but Albedo escaped once again. After overcoming tremondous perils and nearly losing KOS-MOS, who is like Shion's younger sister, the party somehow managed to leave in one piece.

As they finally landed at their destination, Second Miltia, the party split up. Shion was forced to hand over KOS-MOS to Vector's Second R&D Division and felt rather down about it. There, Shion ran into Jin and was forced to face the perils of her past, but she dodged the bullet rather well.

However, her friend, MOMO, was unable to dodge her own bullet and suffered extensive damage from a hacking attempt by Albedo. In order to help restore MOMO back to her original state, Shion and the others made a dive into the MOMO's subconscious domain where Albedo once again hacked into MOMO and successfully stole part of the Y-Data causing the path to Old Miltia to reopen.

From there, Shion and Allen were called to return to the Dammerung where Shion was approached by Febronia and Nephilim who urged her to return to Old Miltia. Determined to get there, Shion took the transport that Kevin had been developing in the Restricted Sector with Allen and successfully departed.

After being attacked by a mysterious craft, Shion was saved by KOS-MOS and was later picked up by the Elsa. The group was reunited once more. After overcoming the obstacle of the Ormus Stronghold, the group proceeded to Old Miltia and infiltrated into Labyrinthos's Mainframe. There, the data that was embedded into Canaan was analyzed and the party moved on to the Zohar's Chamber.

When the group moved in, they realized that Cecily and Cathe, the ones Shion was asked to save and "set free" were connected to the Zohar. The Patriarch had gained control of this all-powerful device and was about to use it to control the universe, but KOS-MOS and Jr. tried to destroy it. When this happen, Shion threw her body in their line of fire to save the lives of Cecily and Cathe. At that instant, time froze and Febronia appeared to tell Shion in a left-handed manner that killing her sisters would set them free. Thus Shion told KOS-MOS to open fire, but it was already too late. The planet was destroyed and the Elsa and the party were nearly killed.

Later on, Shion and the party went into the Omega System, where the Patriarch and the Original Zohar were, and fought against him valliantly. Despite their efforts, the Patriarch's mech proved too powerful. At that instant, mysterious beings known as "Testament" appeared and destroyed the Patriarch for them. Ziggy, realizing that one of these Testament was his long-time nemesis, tried to kill one, but had his attack sent right back at him, enforcing the fact that Testament were very powerful. However, the tides soon turned back and Albedo was summoned to cause a Space-Time Anomoly that threatened to swallow the entire universe. Once again, thanks to KOS-MOS's Third Armanent, the party was able to escape.

As the party regrouped for retalliation, Shion counseled Jr about family in a friendly manner. However, Jr decided to take off and solve the issue by himself. After successfully returning, the party witnessed the Original Zohar being swallowed by a giant mass known as "Abel's Ark". Nevertheless, there was nothing they could do about it.

In the end, Shion returns to the Dammerung and parts with her brother Jin, their relationship newly restored. With a promising future, Shion turns to KOS-MOS and says, "Well KOS-MOS? Shall we get going? It's time to go home."